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How to use “Not a Strip Bar” to clarify or cleanse.

Has your hair lost its MOJO? Do you want less split ends, hydrated hair instead of dry, less dead ends and hair shedding ? Has your hair has lost it’s MOJO? Do you want your hair to shine with more bounce and hair growth?  

Number one tip is to look at “how” your washing your hair. Please make sure you don’t just wash your roots. When you wash you face do you only wash your forehead? Do a proper cleanse from roots to ends! For professional results like you would get at the salon, follow these steps at home. 

“Not a Strip Bar” original and charcoal are used the same way. If you dont shampoo every time you wet your hair and lean towards co-washing (using a conditioner when rinsing your hair) you can use “Not a Strip Bar” to replace your regular shampoo or cleanser. Start by thoroughly wetting your hair from roots to ends and follow these steps,

1. Wet your hands and rub bar between palms on hands till you create some lather. Put the bar down and rub palms together and rub till lather doubles! You will repeat this motion as many times as needed to cleanse your roots and hair from roots to ends.

2. Use circular motion with the pads of your fingers to cleanse your roots everywhere.

3. Finger rake soap lather from roots to ends in hand-width sections.

4. Pinch ends of your hair in one section. Gather all your hair like you are going to make a ponytail and pinch the cleanser in from roots to ends to remove buildup from where hair is driest and where buildup lives the most!

5. Rinse and repeat if necessary for heavy buildup then condition! 

Stylist Tip!

How often should you clarify? We recommend this formula. Depending on how many times a week you apply stylers dictates how many times a month you should clarify your hair. Good rule of thumb is if you wash and style your hair once a week then once a month should be a good frequency. If you wash and style your hair 2-3 times a week then twice a month would be a good routine to follow. 

Adina from Curly Girls Studio provided these steps to clarify!
For a deep down cleanse clarify roots to ends!