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History of “Not a Strip Bar!”

Our natural shampoo bar hair-story. 

Our founder Adina developed “Not A Strip Bar” in 2013 as she preferred a natural approach to reduce excessive shedding she typically experienced when using regular shampoos.

We formulated our 100% natural “Not A Strip Bar” in June of 2013 after testing various formulations. This formula removed buildup, mineral deposits from hard and soft water, well water and layers of product oils gently and effectively without making the hair feel stripped! 

We created this for our salon to fill a niche at that time to remedy all the oils and buildup we found all our new clients were using in a effort to go natural. 

The problem with using products with oils over oils on your hair is that they will act much like a silicone and block moisture like water when you shower and your conditioner from penetrating. You need water to penetrate your hair to keep it healthy and naturally hydrated. So out 100% natural bar was born!

Our soap maker made batches exclusively for our salon for years till she retired. During Covid with our formula in hand we changed the size (cause bigger is better) and created a new Vegan formula with activated charcoal! Our manufacturing facility are just outside of Toronto. Our ingredients are still 100% natural. We are just finishing production (January 2023) and have made two more formulas now to expand and meet the haircare needs! Rosemary and mint and sweet orange will be launching soon!

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If you want more shine and bounce you need to give your hair a reset to remove product buildup, hard or soft water mineral deposits, environment residue and even our own natural hair oils. 

We now have three different bars to meet different hair and scalp needs: clarifying bars, detox and now our shampoo bars that are 3-in-1 for face body and hair!

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Main contributor / formulation and eco packaging of “Not a Strip Bar!” Adina Sherman from The Pink Company.

Meet our founder Adina!
Wanting a more natural approach to haircare, Adina’s focus is on clean ingredients.