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“JUST” Haircare was inspired as a way to meet the demand of clients struggling with their haircare and routine. The pandemic really had an impact on us and gave us lots of time to further develop and expand on our well-loved all natural shampoo bar “Not A Strip Bar.” With all the months we were closed down it gave us time away from our salon to further develop one of our best products.

We all have times we have struggled with our hair. Sometimes you may find your way yourself by trial and error with your routine. But the majority needs help to figure it out and unravel the mystery of how to care for our hair. It makes no difference whether you have fine, thick, straigh, wavy or curly har we are all in the same boat! Main pain points are; hair is dry, brittle and never seems to grow. Hair breakage and shedding increasing no matter what tips and routines and products you reserach online. The big one is lack of hair shine…why is my hair so flat looking and oh yes, lacking volume?

In 2013 we developed a bar soap to help with these problems. For years our founder (that owns a salon) found day after day that ever client that sat in her chair struggled with all the aforementioned hair troubles and on top of that needed help with frizzy. So she worked on a fomual with a local soap maker to develop a product that would reset hair to remove buildup and not leave hair feeling stripped.

So many clients came in sharing their personal at-home routine most didn’t clarify their hair and the ones that found out about this method preferred using vinegar which by iteslf is too harsh to use directly on the hair. The other side of the coin was that other cleints were using oils on their hair to try to make it look better without success. The oils over time jsut make hair dryer as it layers in the hair like a silicone when not washed properly. So we needed a product that was able to remove all these oils. So our co-founder decided the best way to help clients who want natural is make a natural product to help with their hair troubles.

What we devloped is a 100% all natural shampoo bar soap with apple cider vinegar to help balance the ph, gently remove buildup (which is the main cause of frizz, hair breakage, dryness and lack of shine) and to gently cleanse hair without stripping it and added emolients into the formula to hydrate the hair for perfect balance of clean and hydrated. “Not A Strip Bar” was used on almost every single service at the salon since then. 10 years later it is still the method and product we use on our clients giving us remarkable results. One of the best things is that it was econimical so that we can give clients a sample to take home. Almost all of them return to buy a slice! These small handcrafted batches have been a staple product in our salon since 2013.

There are so many benenfits to using a bar soap. You can easily use it for travel and save packing a liquid. Use before any hair treatment to ensure the benefits of the treatment penetrate you hair cuticle. Use after swimming to remove chlorine. Do you live in a area with hard water or soft water? Our bar will be your hairs new BFF!

The simple steps to cleanse will help you to reap all the benefits of using our all natural shampoo bar soap is the method!

Removing buildup and reducing dead / spilt ends is so easy when you follow our “How to use…”

Our shampoo bars are made in small batches just outside of Toronto and again we use 100% natural ingredients. No arfificial fragrances are used. See product page for our list of ingredients.

Our original and charcoal bar natural based ingredients have a very low to barely there unscented. Our charcoal bar is made with aloe and is our vegan option and amazing for a gentle detox for sensitvie scalps.The natural and fruit essential oil based bars are great not only for hair but skin and body. The rosemary and mint is extra tingly and made to strengthen the hair and encourange healthy hair growth. The chacoal bar comes in original and rosemary and mint. Both the raspberry and sweet oranga bars are packed with antioxidets and amazing for dryer scalps. All bars make amazing sulfate free lather for a deep down clean.

In January 2015 the PinkPik wasborn and is a versatile soft prong flexible pik and is amazing to help gently detangle hair.

PinkMat was our first product and has been sold cost to coast since 2003! Rest or wrap your hot iron and protect those counters and iron from spinnning out of control. In 2008 we changed the design to make the Pinkmat with raised petals to help heat escape and plus it made our Pinkmat super cute!

Size does matter! Yes indeed! everytime we shippind orders we were so discouraged by the cost of shipping. All sop companes will charge the same as we had to charge because of Canada Post size restrictions. Our original pucks that were around 1″ thick and the shipping cost is around $15 whether it’s 1 bar or 6! So we have spent the better part of 2022 till Jan. 2023 looking for a solution. We have now cut our bars in half, dropped the price to reflect change and have reduced shipping costs by almost 2/3. So we can now feel good for the value we are passing onto our clients.

Our Other Product History

Our haircare was sold exclusively in salons and through beauty supply distributors coast to coast in Canada since 2003. You may have seen our products at retailers such as BSO, Chatters and TJ MAX. If your a hairstylist you would have seen our products at beauty supply distributors locations across Canada. You may also remember seeing our haircare over the years at “The National Women’s Show.” This was the only retail show that we exhibited at in Toronto MCC , Ottawa and Quebec for more than 15 years! We miss those times! We made thousands of women so happy with our goody bags! With Covid we stepped back from the shows and decided to revamp and create an online experience for you!

We’ve combined our brand experience, education and products to share “JUST” with you!

Our made in Canada salon quality haircare are affordable products developed and tested by hairstylist to meet the highest standards. We offer retail options to save plastics and our environment. Our 100% natural shampoo bar is the most environmentally friendly product you will find. We started with one formula in 2013, Created our charoal vegan option in 2022. We are now offering rosemarry and mint, sweet orange and raspberry. Formulas to meet all hair texture needs.

We want you to love what you use and use what you love! “Just” will bring out the very best in your tresses and treat your hair from the inside out because our products are free of parabans, sulfates, artificial emollients, alcohol and artificial fragrances.